Carpet Cleaning


Our method is Bonnet Carpet Cleaning, which is a low moisture system.  This allows us to clean your carpets with PH neutral solutions, which break down oils, grease, and dirt much better than any soap product or extraction method. Your carpet will look renewed and will dry in an hour. Most residential carpets do not need to be extracted with the method commonly known as “steam cleaning,”  which can leave your carpet wet for hours and can damage the carpet backing, carpet pad and floor over time.


Why Amy's Carpet Care?


  • Professional vacuuming

  • Use of soap free cleaner

  • Spin dry bonnet cleaning

  • Stain and odor removal

  • Dries within an hour

  • Excellent customer service

We're so proud of the quality of our work we guarantee it!


Our professional and courteous staff will lend their expertise and answer any questions you may have.  Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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